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Ensure A Fast Internet Connection When You Need It

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Your internet connection is an indispensable part of your life, but between BitTorrent, Xbox Live, web browsing, and VoIP, sometimes there’s not enough bandwidth to go around. But rather than running around the house shutting down all of your computers next time you’re experiencing a little lag on Xbox Live or Skype is breaking up on you, you can set up Quality of Service (QoS) rules on your router to distribute bandwidth to your different gadgets and applications based on your priorities.

Link: LifeHacker

Know Your Network: The Complete Guide

Monday, September 26th, 2011

We spent last week learning all about your home network, your routers, and all the cool things you can do with them. Here’s the complete guide that will teach you how to pick out the best network hardware, get to know it better, make it perform at its best, and access just about anything on your network from practically anywhere in the world.

Link: Lifehacker

Turn An Old Computer Into A Networked Backup, Streaming, Or Torrenting Machine

Monday, September 19th, 2011

At its most basic, Network attached storage, or NAS, is a great way to share files on your local network. But it’s also a perfect solution for backing up your computers, streaming media across your home network, or even torrenting files to a central server. If you have an aging computer lying around, you can turn it into a NAS for for free with the open-source FreeNAS operating system. Here’s how.

Link: LifeHacker

Edit Host File On Windows With HostMan

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Host files on Windows allows you to map host names with IP addresses, so that when a host name is encountered the IP address is automatically allocated from the host file. Editing the host file is not an easy task as you need to first locate it on your PC (based on the version) and then open it on notepad and then edit it. HostMan is a freeware tool for Windows which allows you to easily edit the host files without having to do it manually by searching for the file.

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