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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Pixelmator is the beautifully designed, easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editor for Mac OS X that has everything needed to create, edit and enhance still images.

Designed to be the image editor for the rest of us, Pixelmator is an
all-in-one tool that provides:
• Interface designed for work with images
• Layers-based image editing
• Over 20 tools for selecting, cropping, slicing, painting,
retouching, typing, measuring and navigating
• Over 15 color correction tools
• Over 130 !lters
• Adjust image size and resolution
• Transform images, layers or selections using transform tools
• Fill and Stroke images, layers or selections
• Quick access to iPhoto Library, events, albums, Smart Albums and
Pictures folder via Photo Browser palette
• Use of your iSight camera to add pictures to your compositions
• Automator actions for converting, resizing, enhancing and
adding special e”ects to images
• Save for web
• Compatibility with over 100 still image !le formats
• Image processing that is powered by Core Image and Open GL
• Deep Mac OS X integration via technologies such as Core Image,
Quartz Composer, ColorSync, Quick Look, Spotlight, Apple Fonts
palette, Apple Colors palette, drag-and-drop and many other


Trillian 5 Brings Cross-Platform Chat Log & IM Syncing to All Devices

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Trillian is one of the best mobile IM apps around, and their desktop app is still one of the only IM clients that will sync all your info between devices. Now, they’ve now made their mobile and desktop even more tantalizing by making each of them free, with all the Pro features of the old versions in tow. That means that Trillian desktop users now have multiple location sign-in, themes, activity history, and other great features without subscribing.

Trillian’s also released version 5 for Windows, which includes a new interface that ditches the menu bar (Firefox-style), improves social networking integration, adds cloud-based chat history, and a new feature that lets you sync open IMs between all your devices.

Link: Lifehacker

7 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Ever wanted to master the keyboard shortcuts and get more productive on the web? Here is everything you need – 7 quick cheat sheets for some of the most widely used tools on the web. Download, print and stick them somewhere near your desk.

Link: MakeUseOf