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IBM Centennial Film

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The film features one hundred people, who each present the IBM achievement recorded in the year they were born. The film chronology flows from the oldest person to the youngest, offering a whirlwind history of the company and culminating with its prospects for the future.

Link: YouTube

Web Design & Development Video Lessons

Friday, December 19th, 2008

This site offers video tutorials on various design and development topics.

Link: Free Video Lectures

20 Tech Habits To Improve Your Life

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Technology is supposed to make life easier, but it doesn’t seem that way when you’re struggling to wrangle 289 new e-mail messages, dealing with a hard-drive crash, or suddenly realizing that you left an important file on the office computer. Thankfully, plenty of tools can help. We’ll tell you which ones are worth trying, and we’ll also suggest some practices that you can incorporate into your workday to use tech tools more effectively and efficiently.

Link: PC World

9 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

You’re writing and podcasting and videoblogging your face off and it’s starting to feel like no one’s paying attention. You want to get the right comments, and meaningful conversations started, or you want your peers to come and start a lively discourse. How do you get your best posts out there in such a way that people will come by and add to the body of work? Chris Brogan shares nine ideas to share your best posts in ways that aren’t heavy-handed, and aren’t likely to get you tuned out by the people of your various communities.

Link: Chris Brogan